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The Changing Market of Consumer Electronics


The last few years have seen some impressive advances in home technology and home theaters.  Displays are getting better and better, and media services are becoming more and more robust.


One of the biggest changes in the audio video industry is the simplification of installing and configuring equipment.  Because most of today's equipment needs to be hooked up to the internet, installing it can be quite complicated.  Companies have learned that this process needs to be made much easier.  This makes acceptance of the products and technologies easier and faster for the majority of conusmers.


Some equipment and systems still require the use of a profession installation company.  While their services are often expensive, they are well-trained and familiar with installing this type of equipment.  They are also familiar with integrating it with other types of equipment.  This is often the most challenging part of audio video systems. 


Service is another thing you need to consider when going it alone.  While having to occasionally reboot a piece of equipment is no big deal and something to which we've all become accustomed, frequent issues can be the source of endless frustration.  This is when it can be especially helpful to have a trusted integrator you can rely upon to handle service issues. 


If a DVD player or music server goes down it's easy enough to replace.  But what if you 80" LED goes out?  Will you want to be the one taking it off the wall to have it serviced?  What about shipping it as well?  These are all things that a custom integrator brings to the table.  Essentially it's peace of mind.  If something goes wrong, you have one number to call. 


If you are interested in more information about custom home theater or home automation experts in your area, check out  They provide a long list of services for their clients.  They also offer a wealth of information on all sorts of subjects related to home technology.  Innovative Sight and Sound is in fact one of Florida's leading technology specialists.


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